Cloudflare load balancer pools get hit randomly instead of in failover order

I have 2 pools:

google cloud

I ALWAYS want traffic to go to amazon unless the health check is down, then to fall back to the second pool (google cloud). According to this link this is how it should work:

Off: Cloudflare will route pools in failover order.

I have this set ^ in the balancer. However, 50% of traffic goes to amazon and 50% goes to google cloud.

I have DNS mode only on but it still allows me to pick these options ^ so I presume it doesn’t matter. Maybe it does though.

Anyone have experience with this?

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@root, according to

In DNS-Only mode, you can configure load balancers to set a TTL from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Cloudflare will serve the addresses of the (healthy) origin servers directly but relies on DNS resolvers respecting the short TTL to re-query Cloudflare’s DNS for an updated list of healthy addresses.

Maybe there’s a misconfiguration over there, the health-check reports your main off and routes the traffic to the 2nd?
Can you share more details from your current setup?

Also check your logs,

you may find a clue from the health-check there, you could also check your web servers access logs and count the health-checks

What happens if you do the opposite and set the orange cloud to on?

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