Cloudflare Load Balancer - how?

I have a question about Cloudflare Load Balancer.
We have got about 100 websites (https) - one domain, many subdomains e.g., ā€¦ These sites are on Microsoft servers (on IIS, reverse-proxied throught nginx).
We have got 2 different Internet connections (two diffrent IP adresses). How can we add all websites to the Load balancer using Cloudflares tools?
Our goal is: when first Internet Connection will fail, there will be automatic switch to second Internet connection and all sites will be online.

So I assume you have about 100 subdomains?

In this case, you need to create about 100 load balancers with about 200 origins (2 origins per load balancer), which can be very expensive.

By the way, Iā€™m not sure whether we can just create one load balancer (assume that all your websites are backed by the same pair of IP address), then create CNAME records for all the other websites to point to the load balancer subdomain. Anyone tried this before?

Saw this documentation:

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Are you looking at Load Balancer as just a failover between two equal IP addresses, or do you really want actual load balancing?

That works just fine, provided they are not cross user CNAMES. I do this in production without issue.

Do you have your own IP address space? Ideally that type of failover is handled at a networking level using BGP.

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Create LB -
Create Pool A | Add Server IP1
Create Pool B | Add Server IP2

CNAME 100 hostnames (e.g. to


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