Cloudflare Load Balancer GUI suggestions

When you edit a load balancer, currently the dashboard comes up as a pop up window constrained to just a narrow window size and forces me to scroll alot if you have many pools configured for all 13 available regions.

Maybe better to have edit load balancer page open a new full size window page to better make use of screen real estate ? Responsive layout would be nice so maybe have a 2 or 3 column tabulated listing of regions or make it selectable as to how users would like the region listing to be shown i.e. tiled grids, vertical listing etc.

Right now it looks like this for me

when you configure all Cloudflare regions the vertical scroll is quite a bit

my cheat sheet list for CF region names

Here is my 2cents on what should be changed:

  1. On the DNS page if you have many load balancers (I will have 20+) – when you use the search option to search domains, most of the page is taken up by Load Balancers and only below do you see your search result. The load balancers should be part of the search/filter and not static.

  2. In the Traffic App when you expand the Pools the natural action is to press the X to collapse the view. But the X prompts to delete the load balancer. I think it is far too easy to delete load balancers when on ‘autopilot’. Many things on CF are too easy to delete.

If you want to delete something so important then you should enter YES to delete as opposed to buttons – the way you delete important things on Azure/AWS etc… Maybe a ‘strict’ mode?

  1. Switching on/off servers or pools in the Traffic manager is laggy as ■■■■ – there is no loading icon/feedback that what you did has occurred until 2-3 seconds later the toggle switches to on/off

Great feedback, appreciate hearing from customers who are using the product on ways we can improve the usability. I’ve passed this feedback on to the product team, but please keep the discussion going and we’ll update them on other thoughts and suggestions.

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