Cloudflare Load Balancer gives me a 404

I just setup a new Cloudflare load balancer for the first time. It has 3 origins in 3 regions. It also has geo steering enabled. Each origin points to a different Google Cloud Function. The URL values look like this:

Finally, the load balancer hostname is

The problem is that when I load up this URL in any browser, I doesn’t show me what I would be seeing if I had entered the cloud function URL. Instead, it just shows me a Google 404 page.

enter image description here

If I try and replace any of the origin addresses with, say, or any OVH website, then I’ll see the 404 page for the CDN behind or OVH.

What am I doing wrong?

The Host header/TLS SNI will be (your real hostname) no matter what, so you need to make sure the service you’re proxying has a vhost configuration for that hostname.

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