Cloudflare Load Balancer & Failover Test

Hello, I need help configuring the load balancer and failover on my Infra.
I have made the necessary configurations but I have the impression that my traffic is not passing through my LB.

Can anybody help me??

What indicates the traffic is not transiting the LB at the moment?

In my dashboard at “Load Balancing Analytical” there is no traffic passing and when I test my configuration it does not work

What is the FQDN of the load balancer?

The FQDN of my Load Balancer is
I created my two server pools (I have 2 with one server per pool) and I made all the required configurations (Monitor, Health Analysis…) and everything was done

I receive. 520 error when attempting to access. Was the site working correctly behind Cloudflare before you configured a load balancer?

Have you followed the troubleshooting recommendations here?

Troubleshooting Cloudflare 5XX errors · Cloudflare Support docs.

Yes try again, l make two redirection rules to redict the traffic to the good servers

I wonder if it is also necessary to create a rule to direct incoming traffic to the FQDN of the load balancer, or is this not necessary?

There’ no need to a rule on Cloudflare if that’s what you’re asking.

Right now your connection is redirecting to a naked IP address, so if that’s a rule set on Cloudflare it should be removed. If it’s something on your origin, it should be removed as well.

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If I delete my two redirection rules established on cloudflare then when you try to access my Load balancer through its fqdn it will not work and you will receive a 502 error.

How can I resolve this error if I delete my redirection rules?

Knowing that the DNS has been configured on cloudflare and it should normally work, because when I see the videos on how to configure Load balancing with cloudflare it looks quite simple and I followed all the steps

The issue is unlikely related to load balancing.

what could the problem be linked to? certainly to the configuration of my web servers?

Do these hosts work proxied by Cloudflare without a load balancer? Do they work unproxied?

Yes, I manage to reach my different hosts separately without a load balancer. it just doesn’t work when I use the load balancer fqdn

But I had to create redirection rules in cloudflare to redirect traffic to my hosts when it goes through cloudflare

When you accessed those hosts did you use the FQDN? Is your origin simply not configured to accept the host name of the LB?

Yes when I want to access the hosts I use the fqdn but not the LB one, I have an A record in my cloudflare DNS records for each of my two hosts

Configure your origin to accept the LB FQDN or configure the LB to send the host header required for the origins.

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