Cloudflare Load Balancer does not work with Google Cloud Functions

So I have setup a cloudflare load balancer at:

Which should route to one of these three origin servers: (Sorry had to make it so these don’t look like links to be able to post this)

us-east4-tradestream-cloud.cloudfunctions (.) net
asia-south1-tradestream-cloud.cloudfunctions (.) net
europe-west3-tradestream-cloud.cloudfunctions (.) net

Currently the only endpoint is /mongo-latency (since this is just a test-setup)

so i.e:

Which returns just a list from a mongoDB database.

Weirdly enough though when I try to access the endpoint through the load balancer ( I get a HTTP 404 error saying the endpoint could not be found.

Also, the 404 page I get through the load balancer is different than the 404 page i’d get by going to i.e: which makes it seem like Google is blocking all of the requests originating from Cloudflare servers.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this I’d be very grateful as I’ve now been stuck on this for a while