Cloudflare listed as my domain registrar - no access to account

I manage a website for my client whose domain name is registered with Cloudflare. The nameservers have recently been changed, by whome, nobody knows. However the client cannot access their domain registration account to change the nameservers. How do we access the registration account?

The nameservers for a domain registered with Cloudflare Registrar can’t be changed (other than by support if the user removes, then re-adds a domain to Cloudflare who can change the nameservers at the registry).

To recover access to an account, try these steps…

If you can’t access, the usual fix is to create a new Cloudflare account and set new nameservers at the registrar. However if there is a domain registered in the account with Cloudflare Registrar, there is a process to try and recover that. You’ll need to raise a support ticket to ask for help with that.

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