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Im new with Cloudflare, yesterday i start adding the website we own with a team on cloudflare,
Name Servers of Cloudflare added correctly on ionos dns record A pointing Ip, cname etc.

I Want to know how it works the landing page of Cloudflare, i mean how i ’ enable it ’
About ’ Checking your browser … ’ because the website doesnt have the landing page of Cloudflare, it’s directly the website and we want to get the 3 points then text ’ Checking your browser , Redirect… ’

We have an SSL from ionos activated ( full strict, then i try switch on full )
TLS Enabled
A record www > IP
Cname IP > Website
A Website > Ip

The Website is:

Thanks in advance


Hello Sandro,

Thanks for your answer we are on Full Strict Right now,

Just we want to get ’ Checking your browser … ’ before access on website, how we can enable it ?

I See with some other users, if you are the host you are not able to see the Checking Your Browser landing page before access website, but i tried 5g, Vpn and i didnt see the landing page.

Fast example, a streaming website:
The website has ’ Just a moment… Checking your browser ’

The easiest way will be to switch the security level to “I am under attack”. Alternatively you can also set up a firewall rule with a JavaScript challenge.


Oh nice…
5h looking around how enable this landing page.

is working! Thanks Sandro, have a nice sunday!

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