Cloudflare keeps Bespoke Post’s ecommerce platform fast and secure through the most extreme traffic spikes

For eCommmerce shops like Bespoke Post, performance is critical to offering a pleasant user experience. “Statistics about site performance improvements leading to higher conversion rates are always thrown around in our industry. We constantly aim to optimize our site to see those conversion gains,” Hales explained. “We have a lot of large, high-resolution images to show off our products in all their glory, but serving those images to our customers could mean slow site performance and high bandwidth costs.”

Bespoke Post found Cloudflare’s performance feature set to offer the exact solutions they were looking for. Cloudflare’s CDN now caches and serves Bespoke Post’s content from data centers in over 250 cities around the world, minimizing geographic latency by serving content (like large image files) from the data centers closest to users accessing the content. In turn, not only does Cloudflare’s CDN improve the performance of Bespoke Post’s site, but because users are being served from Cloudflare’s cache, Bespoke Post’s origin infrastructure is never overloaded and easily handles these spikes in traffic. Read more to find out how.

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