Cloudflare keep removing my Range header randomly

When I try to play mp4 video from my site using cloudflare, the playback keep crashing, from the browser console, I can verify that the browser already sent the Range header.
After checking my server logs, I realize that sometimes Cloudflare will remove Range header to my server, my server then return Content-Range 0-3145832 since the Range header is missed and make Chrome crash the playback.

For normal response, the Content-Length and Content-Range will have Upper Case compare to other headers which is lowercase.
But for these requests with Range header removed, the response headers are all in lower case (content-length and content-range).
If you need more info just tell me since I’m new member, can’t upload images

All HTTP headers are case insensitive, and all H/2 headers are required to be lower case.

You should have a read of session 2.8 of the Terms.

I haven’t tested this myself, but the :search: function will give you previous discussions. Most caching proxies will actually remove the range request when filling the cache, even when they support partial requests to the client.

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