Cloudflare keep DDOS my server?


This’s not the first time i have a problem with bandwidth overload but i’m pretty sure it because cloudflare
To be clear this server i have just deployed in less 24 hours, all access to public ip address is prohibited (http port, icmp), i have enabled rate limit on cloudflare and i have my own rate limit on server, what kind of attack can flood over 1TB bandwidth in one night, chinese bastard @



Cloudflare doesn’t DDoS servers on its own. If you’re seeing Cloudflare IP addresses hitting your server, it’s because your site is behind Cloudflare and your host isn’t restoring Visitor IP addresses.

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No, I think you are wrong. There is a bug with how cf handles uncached requests of larger files. See my other thread for that.


@sdayman then how you explain that my vps being flood over 1TB bandwidth in one night, no one can access to origin since i setup firewall to deny all except cloudflare range as you can see picture above, only one port public to internet is SSH
I did installed mod_cloudflare on apache but no suspicious activity in access log
And i recieved email from provider (Microsoft Azure) that being DDOS from China
My site is proxied (orange cloud), rate limit enabled, argo enabled but no logs?


I think that sdayman means that even though the IP connecting to your server, the connections are initiated from the third party.


No one, i repeat no one can access to origin except cloudflare, you saying someone bypass Azure firewall or Cloudflare Rate Limit?
My site in dev not production, who even wasting their time on attack my site and hth just in 10 hours taking 1.5 TB bandwidth

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