Cloudflare Kajabi Save Domain / Page rules


I have gone through all the steps in Kajabi to connect my domain. I am having trouble with steps 5 & 6.

Step 5: Page rules

I enter Page rule 1: “http” 301 Forwarding URL as directed (see screenshot 1)

It then generates the following error: “Forwarding URL matches the target and would cause a redirect loop” (See screenshot 2)

Only Page Rule 2 works - Page Rule 3 also generates the same error.

For Step 6: Save Domain

Once trying to complete step 6, i receive an error message (See screenshot 3)

If anybody can help, i’d be most grateful!

The warning is correct. That rule would definitely cause a redirect loop, so I don’t know why Kajabi would suggest it. If you’ve enabled “Always Use HTTPS” in SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates, you won’t need that rule, as that’s what it looks like it’s meant to do. To correct the rule, the Match should be*

And, yes, apex domain. Most of these third party setups use CNAME, which technically can’t be done at the apex (root) domain, so it needs to be configured for

@sdayman Thank you for helping.

I am having the same problem as @leighmathews

I am sorry but I’m not understanding what you are saying about the second error he mentioned, “Apex domains are not supported…”

How would you recommend solving this Apex domain error?

Thank you very much!

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