CloudFlare just installed, error code from wordpress super wp super cloudflare cache plugin

Hello all. I just installed cloudflare and I have been arguing with it all day trying tons of things that I found from researching the web.

I am down to hopefully the last two issue and I was wondering if you might help me out.

First Issue… I am still getting this in wordpress when using the cloudflare super cache plugin.

Page caching is working for static page but seems not working for dynamic pages.

Error on dynamic page ( Invalid Cache-Control response header. If you are using Litespeed Server, please disable the option Overwrite the cache-control header for WordPress’s pages using web server rules , purge the cache and retry.

Please check if the page caching is working by yourself by surfing the website in incognito mode 'cause sometimes Cloudflare bypass the cache for cURL requests. Reload a page two or three times. If you see the response header cf-cache-status: HIT , the page caching is working well.

I have not seen the HIT incognito… this might be a good place to trouble shoot.

any suggestions… thanks so much

It’s working for me:

I wonder why FireFox does not show that for me… I see some thing about super cache in the headers, but no Cf-Cache-Status… odd…

You think I should just forget about that error or post it in the plugin forums and see what they have to say.

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