Cloudflare just for pictures and some videos

Hi, I use backblaze B2 storage and am looking now for a CDN. The traffic from backblaze to cloudflare is free, so it’s my first choice.
The CDN is primarily not used to speed up my whole page, but only for images and videos. Is cloudflare a solution for that? I read some things in the terms, that one may not store primarily videos (and images?) on cloudflare. Could I do this anyway without getting problems? Could I upgrade to a premium or custom plan, when my website grows? My website (and native mobile application) could be compared to Instagram, most of it are images and there are videos, not longer than a minute (which are already compressed to two different resolutions). I know about Cloudflare Stream, but it is relatively expensive and I would like to use the normal CDN - but may I?
Thanks in advance and best regards!

It looks like you’ve already done your research. You’ll need an enterprise plan if you’re using Cloudflare just to avoid B2 bandwidth fees. I don’t know your numbers, but I know Cloudflare’s numbers. It’d most likely be cheaper just to pay the Backblaze fees:

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