Cloudflare just as DNS hoster/proxy for 1000s of subdomains

Hi there,

we want to use Cloudflare - at least at first - only to counter UDP DDOS attacks. So I would like CF just to provide DNS services or proxy. On first setup CF detected most of our first level subdomains but we’re using subsubdomains for load balancing and there we have about 7000 subsubdomains which CF didn’t detect at all. These subsubsubdomain are subject to change, sometime not for months, sometimes two or three times a week. So they have a TTL of 5 minutes.

Now I’m uncertain, if this is even the right approach. Which plan do I need to cover my usecase? How can I enable proxying of the subsubdomains? Or trigger detection by Cloudflare?

Any help is highly appreciated.


CF doesn’t support near that number of subdomains by default:

I’d first recommend contacting support for getting that limit increased since otherwise you wouldn’t be able to move to CF.


I just did that. Thanks for the advise.

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