Cloudflare + JellyFin + Nginx Proxy manager = SSL

Hello i am trying to set up Proxy with SSL for my Jellyfin website, but i am not sure what i am doing wrong or right…

Without NGINX i can connect to the website via
when i try using NGINX i get Cloudflare Error 523

I have everything required to perform this i just don’t know how to properly set it up.
Anyone able to guide me ?

What do you mean when trying to use nginx? If your DNS records or unproxied or :grey: then you are not going through Cloudflare so you shouldn’t be a Cloudflare error page.

In the picture it shows a gray cloud, but it was set to proxied (orange cloud ) the image was before i changed it, either way it didn’t work.

What error do you get when it isn’t proxied?

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