Cloudflare issuing origin IP instead of proxied IP

I’ve been trying to setup Cloudflare for a few hours now. I have an edge certificate issued and my name servers are pointing to Cloudflare, but Cloudflare’s DNS keeps resolving my origin IP instead of Cloudflare IPs. I’m not sure if this is related to the recent outage but according to the status page DNS propagation issues have been resolved.

Is the relevant host domain proxied? If not, then, of course, this is to be expected. Pease check your Cloudflare DNS settings page to confirm!

And can you share the hostname in question so I can check from my end to rule out any local DNS cache at your end?


Hi George,
I can confirm it is working fine now. My website is now proxied through Cloudflare. I’d imagine it was a result of Yesterday’s outage. Thanks for your help

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