Cloudflare Issues

Hi There,

We have been experiencing speed issues in the last 2 days that have not been present before. After contacting our hosting server support, we received the following:


We could not see any logs regarding the 520.

While checking the logs I can see that users are trying to upload the contents and the requests are getting successful. Please see the screenshot

On checking the domain is resolving to Cloudflare IP and the original IP, please see I believe the exact issue is that some users are getting cloudflare error and for some users the domain is loading fine.

If you have updated the DNS records in Cloudflare recently, there will be some delay in propagation. May I know whether you had made any changes with your DNS?

We haven’t made any changes to Cloudflare DNS, so I’m wondering if anyone could explain/help diagnose why some users are receiving 520 cloudflare errors.

Read more information here: Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

And make sure:
1, Your server don’t block Cloudflare IP
2, Try to disable Always Online mode.
3, Make sure your server firewall dont block or reset connect from Cloudflare to your server
4, Try to enable development mode
5, Try to Pause Cloudflare so it will serve direct from your origin server
6, Check logs on your origin server.

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