Cloudflare issues a captcha for internal traffic on its site. How do I fix this?

Hellow. My site I set the following conditions for filtering bots:
(not http.referer contains “yandex” and not and not http.referer contains “servis-remonta”)
But for some reason, cloudflare issues a captcha when internal clicks on the site pages. How do I fix this? Tell me please.

I openned your Website, clicked a lot, even using a VPN from USA and NL, did not got an Captcha.

What are you trying to achieve? You want to display Captcha to all visitors except from requests containing “yandex” (like yandex bot or search engine or crawler, or people comming from yandex search?) and bots that aren’t whitelisted by Cloudflare and requests that do not contain “servis-remonta” in “referer header”?

Here something is strange, by that rule I believe you are actually doing what you posted about, displaying captcha to internal traffic, but not external as you wanted.

Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, I tried to cut off all traffic except for Yandex search. But cloudflare also inserted a captcha on internal transitions. I solved the problem in a strange way. I noticed that it does not give a captcha if there is a / slash at the end of the link. As a result, I changed all the links yesterday and so it no longer gave captcha api internal transitions. Thank you again for your answer!

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