Cloudflare - Issue with Email Routing

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well :slight_smile:

We have a domain with multiple emails and we tried to set up Email Routing.

We try to do the following:
1/ We have one of our emails who is under Google Workspace

Let’s call it [email protected]

How can we redirect that email to this Google Workspace account?

At the moment, we can only redirect to a personnal gmail account.

2/ We can’t redirect support emails to Tidio (our support platform)

When we click to the email to be verified we get infinite loading.

Here is the email: [email protected]

So we can’t verify the email.

Can you please help us fix that?

Thanks a lot!

Team Popsy

If you are using Gmail then you shouldn’t being using Email Routing. You can only do one or the other.

How so?

What would you recommend then? Going back to the previous setup?

Cloudflare Email Routing makes you change your MX records to theirs. This means that you couldn’t send email from your domain either.

Yes. If you want to use Email routing then I would suggest getting a new domain and setting it up there.

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