Cloudflare issue with domain name/nameserver


I noticed today somehow that the second nameserver record had been changed to chelsea. instead of chad. I noticed it as my website said “the page is not redirecting properly” I changed it back to what it should be and what cloudflare had assigned the nameservers to me/website but the emails don’t seem to be right. It comes up sometimes with error connecting to the server. I’m not sure if it’s a issue with what I had bit earlier with the nameserver or it’s something else, is there a way to check such as checking the DNS records within cloudflare to ensure they are correct

What is the domain?

It is

All seems configured correctly at the moment

Where was that, at the registrar? Or somewhere else?

What do you mean?


Yeah was at the registrar end that the nameserver has been changed to chelsea. somehow. I changed it back to chad. and changed the account password as well that I use to login to the registrar.

It’s ok I found out the ip address I use to access the emails was blocked on the hosting end with their cPanel built in bruteforce protection system cPhulk so they unblocked it and looks ok now

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