Cloudflare Issue or Bug

Hi experts,

Recently I faced an error that pagespeed shows me and I wanted to ask anybody that has the same issue to help me to figure out what the problem is.

When I enabled Cloudflare I’m getting this error please see the pic.
After disabling Cloudflare the issue disappear.

“Uses deprecated APIs 2 warnings found Deprecated APIs will eventually be removed from the browser”

This has been addressed several times:


The problem is Solved and errors are gone. You just need to follow the image.

It’s located in Rules/Transform Rules/Managed Transforms/Turn off “Add security headers”

Well that removes the warning which is not an error and opens the website to actual security issues. But if the goal is to make a 3rd party’s warning that doesn’t impact performance happy, I suppose it achieves that.

Security headers-wise, it looks good so far, though the cache age is right about the time of the post.