Cloudflare issue accessing third party site

Cloudflare support system directed me here when i was looking for help with the cloudflare issue: Disroot Bin - Encrypted pastebin by PrivateBin
Can you please let me know what is wrong?

If the challenge keeps repeating, it’s most likely a browser/plugin issue. Try incognito mode, or a different browser/device.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

@AppleSlayer sory to confuse you, you are all wrong in your posts, please consider removing your posts to make this thread clean and short. I am not talking about my site. Regarding challenge, he means the one you can see for like 5 seconds when you visit some cloudflare protected site and they have Under attack mode or such active.

that is not handy to do each time i visit cloudflare protected site, if you think this is extension issue i should try incognito mode to confirm this, or restart Firefox in safe mode (without extensions) and then if issue is away, start in extensions mode and disable one after another until i find out where it start working. When i find out the extension that is causing it, then disable one extension’s config. option after another and globally disable that config option for all sites :-/ IF THAT ISSUE IS CAUSED BY EXTENSION


Right, this is just to narrow down a way to fix the problem.

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