Cloudflare isn't working with WPBakery

Hello guys I have noticed that Cloudflare isn’t working well with WPBakery. I have a problem editing any of my pages with WPBakery when Cloudflare is on. When I try to edit my pages it turns white and doesn’t load anymore. I have tried doing a few suggested options from this site and nothing worked. I tried editing alot of the Cloudflare options and even created a few page rules nothing worked. Hopefully someone can help here.


Since you haven’t specified what you tried to fix it, RocketLoader is sometimes the culprit. This can be disabled from the Speed Tab under “Optimization”.

Using your browser’s Dev Tools feature can show errors in the Console log.

OMG That worked and we have been trying to fix this for like 3 weeks now.

Is there a way I can Identify if I am utilizing my Cloudflare appropriately? My speed hasn’t really changed from before i added cloud Cloudflare?

The static resources load fairly quickly on first visit, and much faster once they land in Cloudflare’s cache. For starters, add a Page Rule to cache the main page:
Match: and add a setting for Cache Level: Cache Everything, plus Edge Cache TTL 12 hours (or whatever you’d like).

I also see that clicking the “View Trips” button the first page leads to a 404:

I updated the Pamalink all works now. I also created rules and used (* as I think your suppose to use the * after the /). Hope it all works


No. Putting a * after the / caches everything and that’s risky, and causes problems when it comes to wp-admin. For now, just cache the home page until you get familiar with the pitfalls of caching in WordPress.

I changed it back to ( But now I have having problem with Defer parsing of JavaScript :man_facepalming:


I’m not sure why Caching would affect JavaScript execution. A cached page looks just like a non-cached page. Did you Purge Everything once you changed the Page Rule?

I think this was from disabling Rocket loader

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Probably. Maybe you can turn Rocket Loader back on, then add a Page Rule for* that disables Rocket Loader.

Hi, I tried that It didnot work. I turned on Rocketloader and tried to create a rule under* and keep rocket loader disable. With this I wasn unable to still edit any portfolio through WPBakery.


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Tried a few URL with and without (*) and nothing has worked.

Is there a way to disable rocket loader for only pages where i’m editing with wpbakery in the frontend?

The URL’s all contain the string "vc_action=vc_inline. I have tried adding a page rule to disable rocket loader when a url contains that string and a separate rule for the specific VC editor page. Neither worked. Disabling rocket loader entirely does. How can i fix this specifically for VC frontend editor pages?

Hello Guys,

Any update here?

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