CLOUDFLARE isn't working. Weird things about SSL, Speed test, etc

I couldn’t find CF-Cache-Status in the header so I assume Cloudflare isn’t working properly. Here are a few things I noticed when looking into the problem:

  1. Under the “Speed” tab in the dashboard, it says “The Speed test could not run.”, “ returned a status 503”

  2. Testing it in, it showed:
    (Error: 404)

However, the website is working fine in browsers and other test tools (GTmetrics, Pingdom).

  1. My website is hosted on Siteground and using their free SSL (Let’s Encrypt Authority X3).

  2. In Cloudflare, my SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict). And I found there is universal SSL pending validation.

With limited technical knowledge, I can’t understand the connections among these clues. So, I don’t what causes the problem. Is there something wrong with the SSL?

On the Edge Certificates tab of the SSL/TLS app, can you change min TLS version to 1.2 and at the bottom of the page, disable universal ssl. Wait 5 minutes or so and then re-enable it to see if the free universal ssl certificate goes from pending to authorized. This tip has other troubleshooting suggestions, Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH in Google Chrome.

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