Cloudflare isn't letting me change my nameservers

My website won’t load images at all. It sometimes does on the preview page, but not when I, or any user, actually accesses my site. Bluehost is telling me I have to change my nameservers here, to ns1 DOT bluehost DOT com and ns2 DOT bluehost DOT com

But Cloudflare isn’t letting me change my nameservers. I’ve tried contacting support. They’re not allowed to talk to me. (I was gong to show a picture of that, but I guess I’m not allowed to have more than one.)

I’ve tried searching the community system, only for you guys to say, we’re not allowed to change our nameservers. So I question, is Bluehost wrong? I just want my website to load. (I was going to share the link, but I guess I’m not allowed.) I’ve been trying to get it to work for a week, and I’m about to start genuinely crying. I shouldn’t have to pay you guys extra money just so my website can load images.

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Yes. They are wrong. If your domain uses Cloudflare registrar it is a requirement to use Cloudflare nameservers.

You can share your domain name by using preformatted text like this: That will let us see what is happening and offer guidance.

Thank you. I have accidentally been moved to a new person in their support team, who’s saying it may just be a cache issue.

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