Cloudflare isn't collecting A records and else

Hi there

Hope you’re all safe and healthy. I have looked at most already submitted topics but haven’t found anything specific to my issue.
More that 48 hours ago i changed the name servers from current host to cloudflare.
So far i see that my site ( is still pointing to current hosting servers.

Now, i thought of making the IP changes manually but i don’t know CF IPs as well i don’t want to make any mistake.
Could someone guide me on how to fix/solve this matter?

Thanks in advance

Where would you expect it to point to? If you mean it isnt proxied, then this is because the record is not - well :slight_smile: - proxied. You need to toggle that from :grey: to :orange:.

but in the image shows that it is toggled from :grey: to :orange:.
In the past i remember that after 48 hours of propagation i would see Cloudflare IPs instead of the hosting.
Can you be more specific please?

Thank you!

Which nameservers are listed on that page?

maybe i am confusing you!
The name servers i have place on namecheap are those of cloudflare
Aren’t the IPs suppose to change to those of cloudflare? The IPs shown in the image are those of current hosting.

Can you simply mention what is written there - or better post a screenshot?

null image

Alright, these are the right nameservers. Assuming that is the current screenshot and these settings are currently active, something might have got stuck. There was a similar issue a couple of days ago at DNS Update Delays

It is best to open a support ticket in this case.

I have tried to get CF support but they seem to be very busy. I don’t think that they will answer on time.
Should i change the IPs manually?
Is there any other form i can follow?
Should i create a new support topic here on this community?

You will simply have to wait until they respond.

What you can try in the meantime is to toggle the records, maybe that will get it unstuck.

is there any risk of exposing screenshot live?

You can remove it if you want.

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