Cloudflare isn't caching my website and I can't use CDN, please help!

Cloudflare doesn’t cache my website. Tried everything I could to let Cloudflare cache my website, but it doesn’t seem to work. I also applied the Cache everything page rule, but still no success. Any help regarding this matter would be of great help. Thank you in advance.

My website domain is-

That because your domain have not been registered yet.

Sorry its .com not .net typed it hurry. Apologies.

I could confirm that it’s cached

But it seem you cached it for very short time, after 1 minute i check it, then it show

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Yeah I used wp cloudflare page cache plugin to cache my website just after I posted my question here as I couldn’t be able to do it manually.

However, how can I avoid CF cache Status- expired?
Why does it show expired and how to fix it?

Thank you for quick response though. I appreciate it.

Cached time long enough will prevent it expired. Should be 4 hours or more depend on content on your site and your choice

Where do you set Cf Cache duration? Where is this setting located?

Under caching tab

It depend on your server setting / plugin cache setting

My site is currently hosted on shared premium plan of hostinger. And I am using W3 total cache plugin alongwith WP Cloudflare Super cache page plugin. Please help me resolve this expire issue.

In this case, could you please show me setting of ALL these:
1, your edge cache TTL on Cloudflare
2, Your origin cache control setting which set time to live of your hosting (htaccess or what ever that you used)
3, Your setting at W3 total cache, you can check this tutorial for more information How to Configure W3 Total Cache Settings for Your WordPress Site

  1. I cant see edge cache TTL on Cloudflare. I checked under caching section, couldn’t find edge cache option.
  2. I am sorry but I not aware of original cache control value because I didn’t set it myself. I can access .htaccess files, but I didn’t set any origin cache control value.
  3. Ok here I didnt enable Cloudflare as extension to W3 total cache. I just used W3 total cache for primary caching (minify, browser cache etc)
    I used WP Cloudflare Super page cache plugin instead and for configuring Cloduflare setting.

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