Cloudflare is throttling my IP Address

Hello, I have strong reasons to believe that cloudflare is throttling my ip address, from any website that use cloudflare. My download speed is extremly slow on ANY cloudflare website even on website. It works fine on any other website that does not use I’ve done two speedtest one using cloudflare one using (netflix speedtest) and as we can see something feels a little bit off. Here’s the same speedtest on another ip.

Video of the problem happening:

I really need help on what to do to fix this I keep reseting my ip and it does fix the issue but then it’s back and I get throttled again this is so annoying I literally can’t load any website. You may think that 5mbps isn’t that bad right. Well… It’s not really 5mbps I tried loading a javascript file of a few kbs and it took 30 second to load it (note that this javascript file is the one cloudflare loads on every single website automatically)

Can you please share some additional information?

For example, if you’re checking from the location where you’re having these issues:

  1. What details does it show under “Server Location”?
    → Connected via IPv6
    → Server location: Amsterdam
    → Your network: Example, Inc. (AS65536)

  2. In what part of the world are the location, from where you’re having these issues?
    → Continent?
    → Country?
    → State / Region?

    → What exact colo= and loc= do you see on this link?

    → What exact colo= and loc= do you see on this link?

Hello here is what I have on

  • 1
    Connected via IPv4
    Server location: Marseille
    Your network: Orange (AS3215)

  • 2
    The issue happens on any cloudflare website so I’d say anywhere really. If the website use cloudflare it’ll just be very slow

  • 3

  • 4 (same as 3)

The question was not about the individual websites, but where you personally were connected to the Internet:

Based on the above, both your video, but also the provided results, my guess would be that you’re trying to access Cloudflare websites, from a location somewhere within Europe, in the country France?

  1. Are you always connected via Orange, when you see these issues?

  2. Have you been running tests during different times of the day (e.g. morning, afternoon, evening)?
    If so, are the issues happening on specific time periods (e.g. peak hours, such as e.g. evening)?

Sorry, yes I’m based in France.

  • Yes I’m always connected via Orange when the issue happens.
  • The issue can happen at anytime really it already happened in the afternoon, evening, morning

I have the same exact symptoms. Any devices from my network seem throttled. Renewal of my IP fixes temporarily the issue, and I have full speed when using a vpn.
Also connecting from Orange AS3215 and near Marseille, however, I managed to reproduce the issue even when connected to other Cloudflare nodes when switching VPN while performing the speedtest.

Lots of website are timing out, even this one, I had to renew my IP to be able to log in to reply.

That’s weird for me using a VPN always fixed the issue whether I would be connecting to Marseille, Paris or any other server. The issue just happened like an hour ago and it just fixed itself now this is very weird. 5 mins ago my speedtest would be 3mbps and now it’s back to normal speed. Did the issue just fixed itself for you too?

Oops I should have proof read my comment. I meant I managed to reproduce the throttle when I managed to speedtest against another cloudflare node when not connected. But maybe the interface was not up to date.

@Aztup It has been fine for me since I changed my IP just before my first reply so I don’t know. But I’ve had this issue intermittently for a few days/weeks I’d say.