Cloudflare is slowing website

Hi there,

I realise after bringing my site from contabo’s $4 vps to Cloudflare pages that Cloudflare isn’t stable fast. it might server the home page paste but then it slow down almost every other page.

I compare on google page speed and the Cloudflare pages hosted exact copy of website seems to be much slower than a $4 vps hosting multiple websites and emails.

why it is not stable fast, seems like some manual action to slow down free account after a few loads. is there any solution to this or this is how Cloudflare free account works?


Given the information provided, you should totally switch to a $4 vps host. Provide a URL or 7 and more context and perhaps the answer will change.

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I do not understand what you meant by this ca you write much easier to understand English thanks.

Sorry you encountered this problem.

May I know your website URL?

I have brought down the website moved back to netlify, but this seems like an issue people have written blogs about also. is there anyway one can avoid Cloudflare slowing pages on free or pro account. I have read online that even the pro account doesnt help as it is basically same as free is it true?

here is a case study blog where some one actually sit and test this to show what’s happening.

Website speed is determined by many factors. These include images, scripts, servers, client connections, etc

I’m using CF Free Plan + Wordpress.

Based on the results of GTMetrix:

I am referring to the exact same copy of static site try the google page speed score 3 different times minimum and you will see how much it differ from time to time and also try a non root page for example instead of try

what I am trying to say here is it loads sometimes fast but then for no reason it become really slow slower than non CDN cheap server.

I am not using wordpress but a static site there are no plugins or dynamic functionality there just a

hello world!

static site generated with Hugo.

performance diiference between the root page and about page with

About us

Is almost 25% lower then the root page and if you test it several times in a day you will see at times it is really bad.

so my issue here is not a performance score but the variation of performance

Weird… it should have better speed than Wordpress when using Cloudflare

thats what I expected, I see big improvement in ttfb etc, but the only issue is that performance is not stable I get 99 score on mobile but few hours later it might go to 80 and I can see the content loading being really slow specially on images, which seems to be a manual limit of some sort on free account. but if there was a clear rule so I can know when the website is being slowed I can do something about it.

just to make clear I do not have this issue on netlify or a cheap vps I only brought the test sites to check with almost 0 traffic to be sure it has nothing to do with site traffic.

any clear response will be greatly appreciated on when Cloudflare slow website on free account and what can be done to avoid it thanks

Quick tip: Tune-up your PHP values a bit at your server/hosting provider/cPanel if you can:

memory_limit = 256M
max_execution_time = 300
max_input_time = 1000
max_input_vars = 5000 or 7000
post_max_size = 64M
upload_max_filesize = 32M

Also, I would suggest you to give it a try with PHP-OPCache too :wink:

Even it is related to your Web server → can it handle all your web traffic and plugins? Are you using Nginx? Try tuning it a bit too.

Despite of not knowing what kind of type of server you have, hard to tell something more.

Depending on the website type, if possible I would cache it as a static HTML webpage using Cloudflare Page Rules and the Cache Level: Cache Everything option and set the Browser Cache TTL and Edge Cache TTL too → but, as some “login form”, you would end up even like having the cached “login/cart/checkout” page if using that kind of a Website even when you’re loggedin. So, try to set and use Origin Cache Control: On in that case.

You can try Argo Smart Routing as this could help you with dynamic content.

It’s impossible to get 100 / 100 using that tool, except if we exclude external 3rd-party scripts and fonts and advertisements (like Google AdSense).

thanks @fritex but I am not using wordpress I only brought static site generated with Hugo shown h1 “hello world!” I did this to make sure the issue is not relevant to any CMS

I am sorry if I haven’t already mentioned the site is hosted on Cloudflare pages so there is no involvement of any external server

Please, let’s stay productive here. You have posted 7 posts and not provided ANYTHING that we can use to debug it than your word.

To continue, please provide us with:

  1. Your Domain/URL where you page is hosted under:
    1.1. Cloudflare Pages
    1.2. Netlify
    1.3. your website hosted on your VPS

Then we can run our own tests and see if a real issue exists. Also, you have not provided ANY of your testresults, then numbers. Please provide us with a link to tests if existing (for example to GTmetrix, WebPageTest etc).

Otherwise, all this thread will not lead to anything.

Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW: I never made any worse experience with any hosting provider than with contabo.