Cloudflare is slowing my SiteGround site

Hi, I can’t use Cloudflare evidently. Every time it is active my website breaks or slows to a crawl. I’m with SiteGround and have tried Cloudflare through them and also directly through Cloudflare and all it does is cause problems. I would love to take advantage of the performance gains reported as possible but have not seen anyhting beneficial to using the service. Exact opposite as of now, it kills my site and makes it slow as can be.I have been back and forth with SiteGround now for over a week with tickets and have gotten nowhere to resolve the issues I’m having. I’d explain the issues but they are so random and unpredictable that what’s the point? I was getting test results of under 1 second prior to Cloudflare and here is today. It has been 4 days propogating and my pages are well optimized.

Thanks, Bobby C.

Hi there. Those scores aren’t bad however every test I’ve run (GTMetrix, pingdom, webpagetest, Google PSI, varvy, etc.) indicate slow initial server response time - sometimes ~2s. Was this the case when you had Cloudflare disabled? I know you mentioned 1s - could you provide a GTmetrix (or other) report with Cloudflare disabled? Additionally, are you using a shared hosting plan with Siteground or do you have a dedicated VPS/hardware?


You’re going to have to do the former if you’d like the latter, I’m afraid. Community support is here and available. Often times issues can be resolved with a little bit of digging and tweaking. Every site/server configuration is different though. What Cloudflare services specifically are you hoping to take advantage of and were siteground support able to offer any insight at all?

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I had a screenshot of my good time but not sure and it was without Cloudflare. The server response and requesting files to be served from a cookiefree domain seem to be the biggest issues when Cloudflare is active. And I understand the speeds aren’t bad but they are certainly able to be much better. It’s not the scores that I care about nearly as much as real time performance. I absolutely can not stand it when I click a link and the pages stay blank with the …waiting for That’s terrible and the reason I moved hosts to begin with. I have the Grow big plan with them as a dedicated server for a freelancer with one extremely light website is overkill and a useless expense. Configured correctly and optimized there should be no hesitation nor reason to have issues. Something is not optimal and blocking rendering of pages. What it is I do not know. For sure though, without Cloudflare my only one error returned was an api for google fonts. I’d appreciate any help you can provide because I would really like to see this work as it should.

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Here are some points to consider in no particular order:

  • Siteground’s ‘GrowBig’ plan is shared hosting. If this is indeed the plan that you have then you’re sharing the same hardware resources with an unknown number of users whom at any given moment could be over-utilizing those resources and negatively impacting your own site’s performance. This can lead to the inconsistent or ‘random and unpredictable’ results that you may be observing, and is one of the primary drawbacks to shared hosting. I have some past experience with Siteground’s shared hosting and overall was not impressed by it when compared to other shared hosting providers that I’ve used in the past. I no longer use shared hosting whatsoever due to general lack of confidence as it relates to consistent performance.

  • I believe, in most instances, the cookie-free domain ‘score’/‘warning’/whatever-you-want-to-call-it to be a red-herring in some respects that has no impact on performance. IMO it’s just another number to chase.

  • Generally speaking, web hosting is not a ‘useless expense’ if your intent is to generate revenue from said website. If you’re looking to cut costs, there’s a current ‘race-to-the-bottom’ when it comes to VPSs as some can be had for as little as $5-10/mo. You may even entertain the notion of signing up for an AWS or GCP free trial (they’ll do an auth on your card or bill you for $0.01) to experiment with a VPS if your skill-set accommodates such an endeavor. VPSs are sometimes considered ‘dedicated servers’ though there is usually some virtualization involved in terms of CPU.

  • I would not post so much personal information to a public forum - but that’s just me :man_shrugging:

I appreciate the fact that none of the above relate to Cloudflare specifically, but again, I’m unclear which Cloudflare services you’re wishing to utilize (you haven’t mentioned SSL which is typically the driving factor…) and ‘performance’ is pretty nebulous…

You are right in many respects of the word. For some reason my speed is
really good again and I haven’t really done much. Traffic is probably
making things haywire. I didn’t realize I was posting personal info public
and will be more attentive. I appreciate your feedback and it is not of
fault to Cloudflare, but of configuration. I will look into a dedicated
solution in the near future. As of now my site is basically an online
brochure. Thanks again for your time and consideration.

Bobby C.
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We believe that as well. You’ll never ‘solve that problem’ with Cloudflare in place. But since it isn’t actually a problem, there’s nothing to solve.

Just found a fix for this problem, and I’m still able to use Cloudflare, which is ideal:

I have been struggling with this for weeks, and finally just realized Cloudflare was causing my (Siteground hosted) Wordpress page to slow to a crawl. Server response time was 1.4 seconds, when Google recommends only .2. Pages that previously fully loaded in .8 seconds slowed to an occasional 10 SECONDS with Cloudflare enabled. I was ready to give up on them…but then…

I simply stopped using Cloudflare through Siteground’s Cpanel, and signed up for a free separate account instead. This actually gave me more options I believe, though Cpanel gives you Railgun, but that didn’t do much at all for my horrible 1.4 second server response time.

Anyhow, when activating Cloudflare separately and changing my nameservers to theirs(up to 24 hour wait), I was back in business. Loading pages in .8 seconds to 1.3 seconds, and in Google’s good graces once more. Whew! I’ll keep my fingers crossed…


You can just disable the account if you logged into it through Cloudflare. no need to setup a new account:

Advisably it’s not to run Cloudflare through cPanel. For me the settings I entered in Cloudflare didn’t syncronize correctly into Cloudflare cPanel. For example: Ignore Query String was set as No Query String in cPanel. And if I set No Query String in cPanel it was set to Ignore Query String in Cloudflare.

Other than that I suspect it was giving me issues with caching getting MISS and EXPIRED after just a couple of minutes from HIT.


I was getting sporadic 502 errors and slow speed scores, i was unaware of what was causing these issues and had tried many things in attempt to resolve my issue, none had worked and then i saw your post which i tired. It seems to have fixed my issues.

Thanks for taking the time to share your solution with others!