Cloudflare is significantly impacting load time for wordpress site

I performed a Speedtest on PageSpeed Insights and the mobile version is showing me that Cloudflare is significantly impacting load time for the WordPress site.

Any suggestions to fix this?

Website in concern:

You are viewing this from the wrong point of view.
To understand it you must understand what rocket-loader.js (rocket-loader-min.js) does and then decide if you like it or not and if you profit from or not. But just to clearify this: if you dont like it, you can simply turn it off :wink:

(Dashboard => /speed/optimization => Rocket Loaderâ„¢)

Rocket-Loader restructures your DOM (HTML) so it loads in an optimized/defered order/way. As Rocket-Loader is a JS file it gets executed on your visitors machine/browser. This will obviously produce Renderblocking as it must stop the browser from rendering, then restructuring and then it will stop renderblocking.

Now if Rocket-Loader produces such a big BT (Blocking Time) this means there is a lot to improve. If its worth to activate Rocket-Loader or not you will have to find out yourself.

  1. Test your site with Rocket-Loader
  2. Test your site without Rocket-Loader
  3. compare the Web Vital scores and decide yourself if you want to keep it activated or not

I for myself have it deactivated as I implemented all the things Rocket-Loader could do natively on my Template, Application & Server. But as you use WordPress I am pretty sure you will profit from Rocket-Loader.

So the conclusion is:

  • YES it significantly impacts LoadTime (mostly in a positiv way)
  • YES therefore it produces BT and increases the TBT
  • IF it produces a lot of BT then there is a lot to improve

Also: if you have done the tests and you are not sure if you should stick with Rocket-Loader or not, you can provide us with the test results and we will help you getting to the right decision

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll follow the steps and see the outcome. There is one more thing that I want add. It also show this error/suggestion related to rocket loader too:

Yes, this is referring to:

But I have not developed this, as I am not a employe of CloudFlare so I can not tell you why exactly they did not implement this with a passive eventlistener, but likely this is due to the lack of support for some older browsers.
Can I use - Passive event listeners

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