Cloudflare is showing pending

Hello Everyone,

I need assistance on pending name server update.

when I setup it for first time I noticed I mis-spelled the domain name, once I noticed that I removed it and added the correct Domain name and Cloudflare was able to pull up all the DNS records automatically.

Even though the both NS records are added to old DNS and shows up on dnschecker as well, Cloudflare is still showing as pending name server update.

What do I need to do to resolve this issue? should I refresh the NS records on existing DNS or delete the domain and add again on Cloudflare?

They should be changed at your Domain Registrar and not the old DNS provider.

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Good point! I thought I need to remove the old NS records and add the new NS records for Cloudflare.

So I need to add the Cloudflare NS records on Domain Registrar, Not on old DNS

Thank you for your help. I Will try that now

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