Cloudflare is Showing my Server's IP Address

When I perform a tracert on my domain name, it shows the server’s IP address. In my control panel, my DNS records are proxied (orange.) Performing a tracert with my domain without www shows my server’s IP, with www it shows Cloudflare’s server IP.

My A records are pointed towards my server and look to be in good order, my root domain shows the full domain instead of @, but I don’t think that’s the issue.

I used tracert on my local machine as well as nslookup on another of my servers. I also looked up another host that uses Cloudflare, I used tracert again and found it have a Cloudflare IP.

Nslookup response:

Non-authoritative answer:

This sounds like it could be a DNS cache issue.

Could you screenshot your DNS records (optionally expunging domains and IPs)?

Your DNS should look something like this:

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May I ask have you changed your nameservers for at your domain registar?

May we know what is your domain name so more of us could re-check? (possible to local or ISP’s DNS cache as already stated by @jb3)

Could you re-check your DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard if you have A www and A, both being as :orange: cloud (proxied via Cloudflare?

Or if using a CNAME record?

Maybe you are missing A www record?

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