CloudFlare is showing an old website, and I tried everything already

A couple of months ago we launched a new website. See the new website in the image.

But suddenly today is showing the old website, we haven’t made any change. Can someone help me ASAP, the client won’t be happy about this.

The domain is

I’m seeing the new site here and this also doesn’t seem to be served through Cloudflare. I’m hitting your origin

I’m sorry guys, looks like after 2 hours is back. I tried so many things, the last thing I did and maybe what fixed it is that I disable CloudFlare and re-ran auto-SSL.

Thanks for your replay. I will keep it like this for a while. I disable proxy and re-ran auto SSL and looks like is back. I really don’t know exactly what was the issue, but for now I don’t want to proxy again.

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