Cloudflare is set as DNS server, but, google then "takes over" as DNS server

As I use a VPN my “issue” may not be a real problem. I would like to use and I DO set the in the Tap V9 VPN adapter and when checked CloudFlare does show as my DNS server. Later in the day, when I again check Who is my DNS server, GD google has “hijhacked” my settings and self assigns itself as my DNS server. wth over? Any help will be appreciated. (Using BitDefender Premium VPV - FYI)…

OR - Should my COMPLAINT be with BitDefender as I understand that a VPN will/Should set an appropriate DNS server to use??? Again, much thanks for any ideas…

Have you tried temporary turning it off / disabling it?

There are topics where BitDefender causing the issue in terms of DNS connection, HTTPS blocking requests, SSL filtering, etc. I am not sure if that is the case with you too.

Kindly, for further topics and posts, please be aware for choosing the right words and watch out for your tone :roll_eyes: :zipper_mouth_face: Thank you in advance!

If you are using some VPN client; then I would not recommend mixing things with their DNS servers and changing them to Cloudflare or someone else’s.

If so, I know Outline VPN which uses and in combination, but you do not change anything in the Tap Adapter of it.

Otherwise, I am afraid you could not get the connection to the Internet as right as it should be, neither protected, neither privacy would work.

And watch out for a kill switch option, after which actually you cannot connect to the Internet so easy at first.

Regarding and a VPN client, I have in my main Ethernet Adapter where the custom DNS servers are added. Therefore, while I used some VPN client (FastVPN, ProtonVPN), I did not have had to change anything else. Just connec to it (chosing some country) and it works like a charm. Same goes, when I am using Outline VPN (which indeed has got and for DNS servers).

Nevertheless, I am using Eset NOD32 Internet Security + Malwarebytes Premium. No issues at all at least for me (desktop PC - Windows 10 OS).

From your topic title, Google takes over the DNS servers - I assume that would have to be due to your VPN client and which DNS servers does it actually use (maybe you cannot affect them, as far as you do not have the access to the VPS server which is being configured and used that way - Google DNS, rather than some other like Cloudflare, etc., or actually is using secondary instead of it’s primary for some other reason as well).

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