Cloudflare is retrieving my server's Origin Certificate

I’ve configured my domain to run over Cloudflare. I’ve selected the Full Strict mode, and generated a Origin Certificate, which I’ve installed on my nginx server.

The problema is that when I access my domain (which is a subdomain) pointed to that nginx server, the page returns with the Origin Certificate, which is not trusted by the browsers, and it shouldn’t be.

Cloudflare should retrieve with the page the Universal Certificate, right? Did I miss anything?

Hi @adrianprado,

It should, unless you are bypassing Cloudflare. This could be because your DNS records are :grey: rather than :orange: or that Cloudflare is paused on the overview tab. Alternatively it could be due to your devices hosts file being configured to go directly to your server or a cached DNS value on your end.

If you can share the domain, we may be able to give more info.


If anyone get the same problem…

My internet provider was the problem. They have a DNS cache their side that was hiding the reality of the domains. I got this when I decided to access the domain over my phone network, and it worked like a charm!

Anyways, thanks, @domjh for the support.

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