CLOUDFLARE is responsible for downtime

We have major issue with this website, we changed the nameservers but when we have set new nameservers the ip that took from system was from Cloudflare and not origin servers ip.

THE PROBLEM: The old hosting server is alive but we can’t reach the representative to have the ip and setup her, also Cloudflare don’t show the orgin servers ip, as result we have set an ip to point an under maintenance webiste.

Please we need the origin server ip when the website was pointing to old (now again active) nameservers

Atm we have set again nameservers eva[dot]ns[dot]Cloudflare[dot]com sam[dot]ns[dot]Cloudflare[dot]com but we still getting results from dell[dot]ns[dot]Cloudflare[dot]com toby[dot]ns[dot]Cloudflare[dot]com

Support Center closed ticket straight, answer here

I NEED ASAP the origin ip,

NOTE: Dont close it if you don’t have answered first the reason for downtime

Give the answer first why from Cloudflare to Cloudflare nameservers we have downtime mr [Cyb3r-Jak3]

Let me get the facts straight as the message is a bit confused.

You had an account with Cloudflare, which was lost due to some representative not replying.
You created a new account, moved over the NS, so you re-took control of the domain.
You don’t know the IP of the origin and are asking for it from Cloudflare, which has it in the old account?

This should be not be asked as all said its out fault.

Cloudflare should point the correct A records that had into old/other Cloudflare account, so why we need this? Old representative of hosting has not replied for more than a month into website owner, what we should do? delete the website?

We changed the nameservers in order to control A records and have the ability to simple change ip into A record WITHOUT having downtime (takes 30secs to point the new ip).

Instead of this we are dealing with a 2 days downtime, so my question is WHY by changing Cloudflare nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers we have downtime?

The rest is up to owners will to deal with it with legal route or not. thanks.

This should definitely be asked, as what I understood and I’m getting is the correct interpretation, is something that’s definitely not to be done.

It won’t as that other account is a different account. You need to access that to see the records, otherwise what would be the point of proxying the IP to conceal it?

That you can do, just find the hosting IP, which the owners must surely know or have a way of knowing. They must be paying this service, somehow.

Because you changed account. To Cloudflare you are, correctly, a totally separate entity. No access will be allowed in to the old one from the new one.

If you can get into the old account, you’ll get the IP.


As you want to take legal action, this thread will not continue. Please refrain from posting again about this topic, they will be closed.

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