Cloudflare is registrar and hasn't updated NS records

I am moving away from Dreamhost hosting +Cloudflare regitrar by first deleting the domains from Dreamhost. Now that I have done that, I waited for a day for the name servers to update to my new hosting service, but they are all still showing “Pending Nameserver Update” still. It also says that it’s expecting me to use the Cloudflare name servers, but I am not moving the domains here, just the NS records.

I am not sure if it’s because I have the free service that it takes more than a day, or if there is something wonky about the dreamhost + cloudflare. Or, it could be that I’m a cantaloupe.

Thanks everyone.

What are you trying to accomplish by setting those NS records? Those won’t satisfy the Name Server requirement because Cloudflare needs to be authoritative for your domain’s DNS, according to WHOIS.


Thank you for your reply so fast :slight_smile:

Basically I use Fastmail as my mail host, but it also can manage nameservers there; it does a little ‘configure tool’ and when you choose cloudflare it says to just replace everything here with the NS1 and NS2 from there; I wanted to set it up so that Cloudflare is my domain registar, and fastmail is my host and handles all of the specifics (A, CNAME, MX, etc).

It was this article:

Their description of them as NS records is misleading. I’m familiar with Gandi, so I looked at those instructions. Those are for updating the WHOIS name servers for the domain registration, not “NS” records in DNS.

What’s the domain?

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1320stangs .com and jeffsmail .net are two of them (I have several) that I’m waiting to update(?).

I did the only non-Cloudflare domain with the 2 Fastmail name servers and it looks to be set up correctly now from the .tech domain.

Well…that doesn’t look good. stangs and jeffsmail look like they’re under Cloudflare registrar now, but they still have Dreamhost name servers. That generally doesn’t work, considering Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t let you set name servers.

I suggest you email support from the email address associated with your account: support AT cloudflare DOT com and ask them to check your name servers for your Cloudflare Registrar domains. Be sure to post the ticket # here when you get the automated response.

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Ok thank you, I will do that. Appreciate you taking the time to help me. I will try to point the 1320stangs one to the cloudflare NS and see if that helps maybe as well.

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Cloudflare support said that I had to put all DNS entries to them, which I did yesterday, and it’s still ‘stuck’ on that interaction between Dreamhost and Cloudflare somehow. They said to tag @MoreHelp here as it seems to be something out of my control to fix.

Ticket #: [Cloudflare Support] 2205290 - Removed from Dreamhost + Cloudflare, not updating DNS

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I’ve bumped this topic into the Escalation queue.


Oh I didn’t know you were an employee there, my fault for tagging the other.

HI @JeffNTX sorry for the issues, I added a note and link to this thread and copied myself in order to track progress.

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No, not an employee. Just one of the MVPs in the Community.


Appreciate it. If I’m tracking @cloonan we cannot purchase domains here, and then have them point to non-cloudflare name servers correct? If I could that would be even easier for me, but as it stands if you look at my account I have gone into every domain and filled out all CNAME/MX as well.

I appreciate you too. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes, that is correct.

The engineer on your ticket with be able to give you an update, but it looks like the domains were added to cloudflare, moved to cf registrar, deleted and added again. I am not sure why they disappeared like that. At various times we’ve seen similar symptoms from a variety of cause: dnssec being enabled, domain expiry, icann holds, inadvertent removal by the customer, and I suspect other root causes that I don’t recall atm.


Basically here’s what I did: had registered domains at DreamHost and when Cloudflare allowed domain registration I moved them over here when that was started in 2019(?) anyway just this week I wanted to point the records elsewhere and delete my DreamHost but when I came here it said I had to manage all of these at DreamHost. Deleting them over there opened up dns editing here but doesn’t seem to have done much.

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@cloonan → do you know when/if they will reply? I only have until the end of the month to get things moved, and these ones here are the ‘easy’ ones. I have 4 others that are much much more involved moving things around.

Sorry to bug you, I know you have paying customers that (rightly) get higher priority.

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I just escalated this discussion, sorry for the delay. Can you elaborate on what is involved with the other 4 domains?

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Yessir - the ones above are simply ‘parked’ whereas the upcoming 4ea have a bit more (MX records go one way, A, CNAME go another).

FWIW, on those remaining 4, here is what it says when I go to DNS:

Your DNS zone file is hosted by DreamHost , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

When I delete them from Dreamhost (like the ones you’re working on now) it lets me “re-add” them into Cloudflare, but doesn’t do anything past ‘pending’. It’s almost like Cloudflare thinks that Dreamhost is still doing something with the nameservers?

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Well…that certainly adds an interesting twist. I’d suggest disabling your Cloudflare setup at Dreamhost for that domain, but the set name servers might be a sticking point.