Cloudflare is redirecting my site

I have a site in BlueHost and I recently made a second one. When I tried to change a TXT in the DNS section of this second site, to allow Google Search Console, the page collapsed. After an ordeal to recover the site, I get from GtMetrix Google Speed Insights and such, that there are multiple website redirects.
I had this problem a few times, but when I ask chat support, they tell the problem lies in Cloudflare, that they can’t do anything in their front to help me.
I don’t know what to do, or who to heed for help in Cloudflare. I make my sites using Oxygen Builder, the site is fully translated with Polylang from Spanish to English, Cloudflare is connected with WP Rocket. I don’t know what else I can tell you.

Please help. Thanks!

A TXT record typically does not redirect anything or change how the site resolves.

What is the domain?

The name?

It’s NSFW, but

This is the three redirections that google show me.

(Initial: 0 ms
[ |630 ms|


( 480 ms

That is one redirection and that simply happens when you visit the site on HTTP and is supposed to happen.

Overall, the site loads fine.

The second redirect is something from your server. That is not Cloudflare related, I am afraid.

But isn’t there a way to avoid it?

The first and third one are alright, then?

Avoid which redirect? The HTTPS one? You can disable the automatic redirect on Cloudflare, but then your site would load via HTTP instead.

As for the second redirect, that is something you need to change on your server.

Ok. About another topic. I was using Optimole as an Image CDN, but planned on using Cloudflare instead. Do you think it’s possible for CLoudflare to do the same job as optimole?

That should be addressed in your other thread.

I know. But no one is answering and I’d like to resolve that as quick as possible, really.

Well, its the community, so you wont have a guaranteed time for answers :slight_smile:

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