Cloudflare is really free?

I have a little wp site, and i want to use Cloudflare for ssl, is im using the Free service, what limitations have?

  • visit limit? how many visits support
  • or cicles?

My website have like 100 or 150 visit per day, but i have another one with 5,000 per day, if i use the Pro service ($20/month) it will be enough?


The major limits on the free version are simply the features that are available, you’ll see many features either require a higher account level or have limits (such as 3 page rules).

But if it working to meet your needs, it will continue to do so, there are no limits to traffic or similar.


Thanks! i hope this works, because i really need a good DNS server.

I think you’re going to be pleased with Cloudflare DNS. My experience is that it has been much faster and reliable than from my inexpensive web hosting. With Anycast there’s pretty much no chance of ever having a failed DNS server, as I’ve had in the past.

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