Cloudflare is pointing my domain to an incorrect IP address

My domain ( and website are hosted on GoDaddy, but DNS is managed through Cloudflare. DNS settings appear to be properly configured, and the website has worked flawlessly for two years… that is, until recently. When I ping, the wrong IP responds.

Correct IP address is Incorrect IP address (returned from pings) is

GoDaddy support says that Cloudflare needs to reconcile the DNS error on their end, but I have a free account and do not know how to contact Cloudflare for assistance.

Note also that on GoDaddy’s SSL control panel states that there is a “hostname mismatch,” but GoDaddy says this issue is not related to the IP reconciliation problem.

Please help. Not sure where else to turn. Thanks.

– Bill

Sounds like your website is being proxied for SSL and caching. If you no longer want that you can change the DNS record from :orange: to :grey: in the DNS control panel.

I’d double check your record is pinged to the correct IP address if something isn’t actually working besides resolving to a IP you didn’t expect.

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On Cloudflare’s DNS control panel, I changed my DNS records from :orange: to :grey:, but doing either did not correct the problem.

I have confirmed that my IP address is correct in GoDaddy: However, when I type that IP address into my browser, it also fails. The error message that I receive is Future home of something quite cool,” which I believe is a GoDaddy placeholder page.

My SSL cert was purchased through Cloudflare. I could turn off the Cloudflare name servers and use GoDaddy’s defaults, but then I’ll lose access to my SSL cert.

So doublecheck the record in Cloudflare is pointing to that IP and then you may need to upload a Cloudflare origin cert or to your webserver at GoDaddy or ask them how to request/ provision a cert from a vendor like Let’s encrypt. Typically that error happens when a GoDaddy server isn’t configured to listen on https for a site.

I do appreciate your suggestions. Sadly, none of my attempts to resolve were successful. I had to pull the plug on Cloudflare, redirect the DNS back to GoDaddy’s defaults, and purchase a new SSL through GoDaddy. Website is back up again.

Unfortunate that Cloudflare doesn’t have a paid support option.

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