Cloudflare is now protecting your site but not secure

`Hello everyone, I’m new on publishing a website online. I’m having a difficulty on my cloudflare ssl. It says that my site is now being protected by cloudflare.

However, when I open it using (h t t p s) it shows me a message “your connection is not private”. Here’s the image

and also the certificate it was issued to * but when I open it using my android device the issued change to my domain name and it’s working just find and it says secure.

I already change the nameserver of my domain name in godaddy to the nameserver of cloudflare.

could you guys please help me? I’m stuck in this issue.

You seem to be using a host who does not secure your site with a certificate. You primarily need to discuss this with your host.

Which DNS entries do you have configured on Cloudflare and what’s your encryption mode?

Hello, thank you for your reply.

I’m using as my website webhosting and I’m using godaddy for my domain
and I parked that domain in 000webhost

this is my subdomain and it is linked to this

I also change the nameserver of my domain from godaddy based on the nameserver that cloudflare provided.

Here’s an image of my dns in cloudflare

What are the settings I needed to be changed?

When I access the website in my android device the url “” working just fine and it is secure. However, when I’m accessing it through laptop or pc it shows not secure with this message

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


I am afraid that setup cannot be secure as long as your host has not deployed a valid certificate.

I suggest you pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to get the certificate on the server fixed.

Alternatively, you could drop the two IP addresses and configure a CNAME entry for the naked domain instead. That would not be perfectly secure either, but you’d be still able to configure a somewhat secure setup.

But again, what’s your encryption mode?

Sorry, I’m really new to this,
here’s a screenshot of the certificate it use sha-256

Should I delete the type A and AAAA type record?

The DNS record was auto populated when I added the website in the cloudflare after I signup.

That’s not the encryption mode, you need to post a screenshot of your encryption mode screen.

I see, I’m using full for my encryption mode.

Right, that’s a legacy mode which does not have proper encryption and keeps your site insecure. That should be Full Strict.

Once you have fixed that, you can choose one of the two options I mentioned earlier to fix your site.

I tried each of the method and still shows me this page

and tried both of them and still show the same result. I also change the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (strict).

Thank you <3

Anyone having this same message
I’m able to make it work by changing the IPv4 address in the DNS A type records.

I get the IPv4 from the website I entered my domain name and the result it provided I used to change my dns record in the cloudflare.

Now it’s working all thanks to sandro guide.

And you changed the encryption mode to Full Strict, that’s important.

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