Cloudflare is now checking the nameservers

I have updated cloudflare nameserver to my domain sections but cloudflare still not verfied, please help me note that its all most past on 48 hours.

when i checking domain ns lookup through ns server showing cloudflare.

Could you reveal the domain in question, or is it a secret?


I unable to mentioned the domain name

It is fine if you cannot share the domain name. It does prevent the Community from being able to offer any specific help. We will be limited to providing general suggestions such as this #tutorial.


as per your note i review and check still same domain not verfied.

Unfortunately, without knowing the domain name, we will be unable to further help you.

domain name

It looks like the nameserver change isn’t showing everywhere:

In addition, from WHOIS:

nserver:      C.NIC.LK 2405:5400:3:1:203:143:29:3
nserver:      D.NIC.LK
nserver:      L.NIC.LK
nserver:      M.NIC.LK
nserver:      NS1.AC.LK 2401:dd00:1:0:0:0:0:162
nserver:      P.NIC.LK 2001:500:14:6027:ad:0:0:1
nserver:      T.NIC.LK 2402:d000:100c:0:0:0:0:129

I would double-check whether you have changed nameservers at the old registrar and removed old ones, and that you haven’t created an NS DNS record at the current nameservers instead by mistake.

I do find this worrying

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now its up thanks lot guys

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