Cloudflare is not working!

Hello guys, I bought a domain 2 days ago. I have set Cloudflare DNS settings. DNS seems to be redirected. Cloudflare appears to be active but not working.


Hi @webrador,

Cloudflare seems to be working there, however your nginx is returning a 404. Was your site working OK with HTTPS before you added Cloudflare?


No, I haven’t tested it.

You should pause Cloudflare (Bottom right under Advanced Actions) and make sure your site works with HTTPS, then re-enable Cloudflare.

I disabled Cloudflare but it still doesn’t work. I have never had any problems with the “.com” domains. Could the problem be related to the domain “.space” extension?

That indicates a problem on the server side then, if you’ve confirmed that you’re no longer connecting through Cloudflare. I just checked and there is no valid certificate there.

It is not TLD related, but just due to the fact that the site is being server on port 80 HTTP rather than 443 HTTPS.

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