Cloudflare is not working with multiple virtualhost on same ip


Hi, I have multiple domains on a single server(IP). I wanted to use Cloudflare, so I started with one domain, everything was going well but around 24hrs domain was redirecting to other domain which is hosted on the same server.
After removing the site from Cloudflare domains are working fine.
Also tried on another server, the same problem happing there.

I have a seperate virtual host for domains

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The very fundamental concept of Cloudflare is based on virtual hosting :wink:

You probably encountered a different issue, which is a missing SSL configuration for your domains. Assuming that you did not disable SSL, do you have a certificate for each of your domains configured on your server?


Yes, Already SSL installed for each domains from GoDaddy.


So, what is the domain?

Currently i’m not using Cloudflare because it was redirecting to my other domain from same server.


Can you post a full screenshot of your Crypto page for that domain?


I have already deleted domains from dashboard, so, Crypto page no longer available.
For you information, I had used only DNS nothing else. And even not updated anything on other pages.


Only DNS, no proxying? In that case it really couldnt have been an issue on any HTTP level. It might not have propagated yet but thats impossible to say now.

So I guess the issue is somewhat resolved, right?


Generally issue come automatically after propagation time and issue happen with both http and https.
My website was down so i remove from Cloudflare and issue gone automatically.
One thing is clear there is no problem from virtual host configuration because it it working. when i removing from cloudflare and comes when add.


If you want that issue analysed you will need to re-add the domain.


Well I have already lost lot’s of traffic from two domains. I can’t add previous one, for testing and analysis I will add other one. but problem comes in 24hrs so, we need to wait.
Will you help next day?


The issue should not appear after 24 hours and if it is something propagation related, it should actually be fixed after 24 hours.

Anyhow, can you post which domain you now added? Of course I cant guarantee I can look at your issue the “next day”, but I am usually around :slight_smile: and if not I am sure one of the other regular will chime in.


Hi, I have added and also updated DNS.


All right, the domain is properly on Cloudflare and loads fine.

However it is proxied this time, not DNS-only as the last time. Is that intentional?


Yes, It is international.
How can i define DNS-only? I have to use my own SSL, someone recommended to use only as DNS


Switch all DNS records from :orange: to :grey:

However, why do you have to use your own certificate? I am not saying DNS-only is not a viable option, but using DNS-only is a bit pointless as you basically only use Cloudflare’s nameservers and forgo all the other security and performance features which come with the proxy service.


I have already bought SSL for my all websites. and I guess Cloudflare only gives one SSL for free.
Whatever I have to use own ssl, Can i use Cloudflare with other viable option as you told with own SSL?


Currently everything is going well i guess with same ssl, but getting problem after 24hrs.


You need SSL on your server anyhow, so from that point your are good. The certificate issued by Cloudflare is exclusively for their own servers, which act on your behalf in a proxied scenario, and Cloudflare does issue appropriate certificates for each domain added. The only thing that would not work under their free certificate plan is hosts two levels beneath your domain (i.e.


So, I will get the same problem again with the added domain on the free plan?
Basically, Cloudflare is not free for those, who have multiple domains