Cloudflare is not working on my site

i activated clouflare on my website and i got an error, website was not working anymore. I asked the helpdesk for help and they told me to paused cloudflare for a few days. After a few days i activated cloudflare again, but still the same error, website is not working anymore.
Can someone help me with this problem

Was your site working fine on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

yes, indeed

What’s your domain?
but now cloudflare is paused again, otherwise the site is not available

Cloudflare is currently not just paused, but you moved your domain entirely away. I’d suggest you point the nameservers back, otherwise Cloudflare will remove it.

The issue on Cloudflare right now is that you do not have a proxy certificate yet. SSL Certificate Delays - What should I do? will provide some insight here.

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when i check my sites at the home-page of cloudflare, the site is active. when i open the site on cloudflare it said: Your site is paused

Your domain is currently not using Cloudflare.

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:    nameserver =    nameserver =

Or are you on a partner setup?

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those nameservers are the nameservers form siteground. i have to use the nameservers from cloudflare?

Of course, unless you use Cloudflare via your host.

i use cloudflare via my host siteground, but my domain is not hosted at siteground. so i must change the nameservers to the nameservers from cloudflare? and where can i find those

This contradicts itself I am afraid.


that is strange, because i use another website on cloudflare and i have not changed the nameservers. the other site is working correct on cloudflare

Can you post a screenshot of

Well, you naturally need to select the domain :wink:

That is not a screenshot of the page I mentioned.

this one

Correct. And yes, your domain is on a partner setup. You best contact your host in that case as they manage and control that integration.

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