Cloudflare is not working my website

Hallo Cloudflare is not working my website.
I have DNS Server in ovh and activated
Cloudflare worked a while and now the DNS servers of OVH are active again
Network information
IP address
Reverse DNS (PTR record)
DNS server (NS record) ( (

Please help me I do not know what I did wrong.
My SSL Cert on the server is from Lets Encrypt and valid.

Please help me

I don’t see a domain posted anywhere in your message. What is it?

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have the dns zone reset at ovh
That takes a while

You would need to go back to OVH and set the name servers back to the two assigned to you by Cloudflare.

yes I do that when my page is available again
it takes a while now
ovh are not the fastest

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I’ve changed the DNS servers at ovh to those from Cloudflare.
but Cloudflare is not working

What exactly is not working for you? It seems to load fine for me and at

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yes now it is ok. I will report if it does not run anymore

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