Cloudflare is not working anymore!


Cloudflare is not working on my site
When ever I Open The site it shows a red https and says Connection isn’t secure and it gives me the option to go back!
Can You please fix it?


That site isn’t using Cloudflare. Name servers point to


I changed the name servers to

How long now it will take ?


Should be 48 hours at max.


It looks like it’s already gone through. It’s resolving to Cloudflare now.

The bad news is it’s throwing a 404. I would guess your SSL settings are wrong.

Did your original server setup have an SSL certificate?

What is your SSL setting here? Is it Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict)?

My first guess is it should be set to Flexible.


I changed the pointing IP Address it is now working but now it is showing Privacy Error How can I fix that
check it yourself


It’s still giving me the 404 error.

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