Cloudflare is not updating product quantity in my site after purchase


I am using OpenCart and I love using Cloudflare because it does an amazing job speeding up my site. However, it looks like that when a product gets purchased the quantity of the product doesn’t decrease I think because the cache doesn’t get updated because of Cloudflare, so what is the solution here? How I can fix this? There must be something to do here.

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Do you have any Page Rules here for your domain?

Another testing option would be to go to your Overview tab here and use Quick Actions to go into Development Mode. That will bypass Cloudflare caching.

Hey! Thanks for your reply yes I tried those in the rule tap:


but it didn’t work. I did some research and people say it’s from the database.

I just tired development mode and still facing the same problem, maybe it has nothing to do with Cloudflare? This is weird!

Quite possibly. One final test:
Also from the Overview tab, use “Advanced” and then Pause Website. That will completely bypass Cloudflare’s proxy and send visitors straight to your server.

Will try that right now! And I will get back soon thanks a lot for your help!

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Just did that and unfortunately still won’t update the quantity, then this is must not be from Cloudflare right?

Correct. Now that you’ve completely bypassed Cloudflare, it’s your site that’s not updating product quantity.

Anyway, thanks a lot of your help I appreciate it.:smiley::+1:


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